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Maximize Market Potential.

Sunseed's Customer Segmentation research uses advanced research designs that incorporate choice-based research models to isolate customer segments that are specific to your industry and your product.  Equip your company with this knowledge to quickly identify and create the best strategies for your unique customer market segments.


Our advanced analytics and visual storytelling approach brings your customers into focus. It allows you to explore new markets, understand your customers' motivations and needs. It is a clear path to customer purchase, purchase drivers, and ultimately the best and most optimized product positioning.


When you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to do whatever it takes to make sure your market strategy is successful.  From completely custom research design, data collection, research analysis and data visualization to ongoing best practice guidance, we’re here to help.


Customer Motivations

Customer Needs

Path to Purchase

Market Optimization

Price Optimization

Purchase Drivers

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Customer Profile

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Identify, Understand, and Attract.

Identifying the patterns that help businesses grow.