Identifying the patterns that help businesses grow.



A sunflower seed has an extremely dense and intricate pattern. From a distance, it looks very symmetrical, but upon closer examination, one will see nuances and patterns. As researchers at Sunseed, we’re always looking for the nuances and patterns underlying success.


Nature and life follow a mathematical constant of 1.618, also known as the Golden Ratio. Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man famously captured this ratio in the human form. The sunflower pattern forms in its own natural way, using the same Golden Ratio.



Both of the components of our name - “Sun” and “seed” are associated with growth.  Ultimately, we are in the business of helping companies grow - be it their revenue, market share, profitability, market reach, or brand equity.


Sunseed is a reminder to our clients and ourselves of our mission.

We are a market research consultancy based in Madison, Wisconsin. We are dedicated to helping businesses grow through scientifically and artfully executed consumer insights.


Since our founding in 2012, we've been asked the question, "What is Sunseed?"  So here is a brief glimpse into our brand strategy.


Our name, Sunseed, is as much organic as it is strategic.  Naming a company can be one of the most challenging and important steps in getting that business under way.  We wanted to start with a name that would symbolize our mission, values, product, and ultimately our brand.

Experience the Sunseed difference; an achievement in the pursuit of knowledge and development in scientific technique and business strategies. Sunseed delivers authentic discoveries and unparalleled customer insights.


Identifying the patterns that help businesses grow.

             Market Research Data Scientists with a strong and dedicated mission to fuel business growth.

Harvest authentic customer insights.


Translate objectives into research methodology.

Navigate complex business issues.

Uncover your data’s story.

Advanced analytical experience that is honed and precisely focused to cultivate rich insights.

Customized research designed to inform more strategic decision-making.

Effective translation of business questions produces exceptional market research design.

Complex statistical data visualizations designed to be accessible and actionable.


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