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A Sunseed Advanced Research Technique

Consumers make thousands of decisions each day.


It’s no surprise they often have a hard time explaining why they make the choices they do.


A difference between consumer’s reported or planned behavior and their actual behavior can be a nightmare for business planning.


Wish to learn more about the decisions your customers are really making?  Sunseed Research is here to help.


Sunseed Research’s choice-based research designs cut recreate real-life scenarios for consumers to better identify actual behavior.


When you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to do whatever it takes to make sure your market research is successful.  From completely custom research design, data collection, research analysis and data visualization to ongoing best practice guidance, we’re here to help.

What Can Conjoint Analysis Do for You?

"Conjoint analysis is one of the most widely-used quantitative methods in Marketing Research. It is used to measure preferences for product features, to learn how changes to price affect demand for products or services, and to forecast the likely acceptance of a product if brought to market."


-Sawtooth Software


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When you are ready to get started,

we are here to help.

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