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How Sunseed helped Remington win a Reddot Design award.


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Remington had a myriad of questions that revolved around the current and future electric shaver market:

• What were customers’ brand perceptions and how do they fit within the current competitive context?

• Are there levers we can pull to help shape the future of their market?

• Are aspirational customers trading down based on the product assortment currently available?

• Can an optimized product stretch their brand to fit into a higher price category?


In order to address these questions, Sunseed worked with Remington to develop a multi-phase research methodology. The first step was segmenting the market to build an understanding of the attitudes and behaviors of aspirational users who were still trading down. Once that target market was identified, product optimization (adaptive choice based conjoint) research was executed to build a roadmap for new product development. Finally, messaging and product designs were refined through concept testing and then aligned with the typical aspirational customer.


The Hyperflex was thus born, and for Remington, it has proven to be an irresistible combination of features at an unprecedented value. Sales have exceeded expectations. The design has been recognized with international design awards. Retailers have opened other categories of their own based on the success of this product.


This research was part validation and part discovery.  It provided Remington with the insights they needed to develop, price, and message the Hyperflex. It also provided the leverage needed to convince retailers that their product belonged on their shelves. Our product strategy and brand roadmap will inform their strategic decision-making for years to come.



"The electric shavers of the HyperFlex range are technically and ergonomically exemplary, guaranteeing optimal shaving comfort."  - Reddot award jury

Hyperflex is a range of high-performance rotary shavers that not only appeal because of their attractive design.  Thanks to its flexible 360-degree pivoting head, the new HyperFlex technology ensures maximum skin contact, as well as a smooth transition from face to neck.  The surface shaving heads exactly adapts to facial contours while the precise cutting systems with two scissor tracks delivers the desired shaving effect.  The built-in trimmer pops out at the push of a button.  It is perfect for precise styling.

Hyperflex Product Review

"Has a clean and ergonomic design, gives a close shave and it seemd to change very quickly, too."  - Dan Gregory

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