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The Science of Business

Experience the Sunseed difference; an achievement in the pursuit of knowledge and development in scientific technique and business strategies. Sunseed delivers authentic discoveries and unparalleled customer insights.

Full-Service Market Research Consulting

Unlocking Decades of Research Expertise for All

Our team is exclusively composed of seasoned market researchers, providing invaluable peer support for those with extensive experience and offering up-and-coming researchers the benefit of over 100 years of collective wisdom.

We provide strategic market research, consulting, and high-capacity research management to help your business uncover valuable insights. Our talented market research consultants and data scientists are skilled in using market research to uncover patterns lodged in complex data.

When you’re ready to start, we will do whatever it takes to make sure your market research is successful. From a completely custom market research design to ongoing best practice guidance, we’re here to help.

Business Brand Management Team discussing market research findings

Market Research Methodologies

Sunseed Research will transform what you know about your customers and your market. To accomplish that goal, the Sunseed Team has developed a Comprehensive Portfolio of Business Science Methodologies, each having a dynamic client-focused research experience.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation research is the process of splitting a customer base into smaller groups based on common characteristics. This research helps businesses understand how customer needs and motivations differ between groups – allowing you to tailor marketing efforts, products, or services to improve your overall customer experience.

Product Optimization

Product optimization research gathers and analyzes data on a product or service in order to improve its performance, value to customers, and profitability. It helps businesses understand how customers value product features and pinpoints opportunities for improvement.

Discrete Choice Simulations
(Conjoint Analysis and MaxDiff)

Choice-based market research, including conjoint analysis and maximum difference scaling (MaxDiff), are statistical techniques used to measure consumer preferences for different product features. This helps businesses predict which features are most important to customers to inform product development, messaging, and pricing decisions.

Brand Management

Brand management market research is the process of gathering and analyzing the competitive landscape and ones brand within that environment. Brand research helps businesses find opportunities for growth, refine their marketing strategies, and stay ahead of their competitors.

Customer Experience

Customer experience research is the process of gathering and analyzing perceptional data from your customers related to their experience across all your company’s touchpoints. Strong customer experience market research helps you improve customer loyalty by understanding and fulfilling customers’ needs and preferences.


Identify, understand, and attract.


Take your brand to its next level.


A new evolution in product research.


Exceed your customers’ expectations.

market research

noun: market research; modifier noun:  market-research

1. the action or activity of gathering information about consumers’ needs and preferences.

Client Testimonials

Hear from our incredible clients.

“We very much appreciated Sunseed’s consultative approach. Sunseed demonstrated early on you all are subject matter experts in this space when you steered us away from our planned approach and proposed more effective research methodologies. You listened to our needs and dug in to understand our underlying business strategies and project goals which resulted in robust research.”

Product Manager

Leading Durable Good Manufacturer

“Thanks for the good, hard work throughout the process. You met and exceeded our expectations at every stage — helping define the right assignment, creating a smart design, capturing and analyzing data in thoughtful ways, and providing a kickass research deliverable.  We truly appreciate the work, and our growing partnership.” 


Global Branding Firm

“Love the brilliant minds at Sunseed Research. They are so passionate and continue to look for ways to provide solutions that maximize the benefit to their clients.”


Regional Health System

“For more expansive analytical research questions, McMillanDoolittle has partnered with Sunseed Research to help achieve client goals. Sunseed Research LLC is a market research company that provides strategic marketing consulting and high-capacity research management to help businesses uncover advanced customer analytics. McMillanDoolittle has partnered with Sunseed Research for retailers, including Justice, Trans World Entertainment and Tennix.”

Leading Retail Consulting Firm

McMillan Doolittle

You have been a joy to work with over the past couple of decades. The attention and detail you bring to your work has made Sunseed a trusted partner. Thank you for being more than a research agency.”

Business Analytics Division

Biosciences Company

“We are obviously huge fans of your conjoint methodology; it has made us rock stars.” 


Fortune 500 Technology Company

“These findings are really going to give us the foundation we need as we kick-off our key initiatives for 2022!”


Custom-Print Packaging Company

Identifying the patterns that help businesses grow.

Market Research Data Scientists on a mission to fuel business growth.

Navigate complex business issues.

Effective translation of business questions produces exceptional market research design.

Translate objectives into research methodology.

Customized research designed to inform more strategic decision-making.

Harvest authentic customer insights.

Advanced analytical experience that is honed and precisely focused to cultivate rich insights.

Uncover your data’s story.

Complex statistical data visualizations designed to be accessible and actionable.

Expansive Industry Knowledge

Sunseed provides a world of research experience spanning geographic and industrial boundaries.

Bring your data to life.

Uncover your data story with Sunseed.

Every research project we deliver uses stunning multi-dimensional data visualizations to communicate a precise visual story. Indeed, visualizing information isn’t just a deliverable; it’s a critical step in our analytical process.

Sunseed Research transforms what you know about your customers and market. You will understand how far your brand can go, how the market perceives you and your competition, where the market is headed, who your customers are and their needs, the precise path for purchasing your product, and your product’s optimal configuration and price point.

Whether you want to boost sales, find more customers, or improve your customer experience, Sunseed Research will create the right strategy to find the information you need to maximize your results.

Lead with Confidence

Learn How Sunseed Uses Discrete Choice and Conjoint Models to Simulate Real-World Consumer Behavior.

The Sunseed Impact. Across industries.

Sunseed’s innovative primary research insights guide how people perceive their customers — because our consultants work with teams that span organizational structures, industries, and demographics we are able to craft custom research methodologies that are as easy to understand as they are actionable.

CASE STUDY: Winning in higher education using research and insight

The need for a differentiated and effective messaging strategy in higher education is more important than ever before. At Purdue University there is an ongoing desire to understand the audiences it serves through research and insight. In 2022, Purdue University and Sunseed Research partnered to understand how the university’s brand pillars resonated with its audiences, how this changed at different points in the decision-making journey and how they could best optimize messaging for the future.

Purdue University Case Study

Sunseed is Celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary!
Established October 1, 2012

Sunseed Research celebrates its 10 year anniversary