Expectation-Defying Customer Experience

Customer experience research is the process of gathering and analyzing perceptional data from your customers related to their experience across all your company’s touchpoints. Strong customer experience market research helps you improve customer loyalty by understanding and fulfilling customers’ needs and preferences.

Sunseed’s customer experience approach increases customer loyalty by helping your business pinpoint areas of your customer journey that require improvement, as well as areas that exceed expectations and delight customers.

Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations.

Driving customer loyalty positively impacts your business by lower long-term acquisition costs and increasing customer lifetime value.

Driving Experiences.

However, it can be difficult to identify the area of your business that is having the most positive or negative impact on your customers’ experience and thus compromising long-term loyalty. Our customer experience research targets metrics across your value chain from your customer’s perspective. Our method uncovers the drivers of satisfaction, the specific business areas impacting satisfaction (positively or negatively), and the tipping points that will lead to the the most successful outcomes with the least effort.

Get Started.

When you’re ready to start, we’re ready to do whatever it takes to help you exceed your customers’ expectations. From completely customized research design, data collection, research analysis, and data visualization to ongoing best practice guidance, we’re here to help.

Hand holding mobile phone with overlayed stars representing a customer experience survey

Customized Customer Experience Research

Exceed customer expectations.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Benchmark and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Product Usability

Understand your customer’s positive and negative product experiences.

Brand Experience

Benchmark the overall experience of your brand.

Website User Experience

Optimize your website to create the best online experience.

Advertising Effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of ongoing and upcoming ad campaigns.

Shopper Insights

Measure how customers experience your brand through retailers.

The Science of Business

Experience the Sunseed difference; an achievement in the pursuit of knowledge and development in scientific technique and business strategies. Sunseed delivers authentic discoveries and unparalleled customer insights.

Shopping and Path-to-Purchase

Understand what your customer’s motivations and experience getting to you.

Purchase Drivers

Understand what drives specific customer segment’s motivations to purchase.

Importance Drivers

Explore decision factors involved in purchasing and determine what drives the decision.

Key Drivers and Barriers

Explore the barriers and drivers of adoption, resonance of pain points they solve, and intensity of problem they address.

Shopper Insights

Measure how customers experience your brand through retailers.

Shopping Experience

Explore customer pain points and desires around the shopping and/or financing experience.

Shopping Behaviors

Explore what triggered your customer’s purchase, the research they completed, sites visited, volume and frequency of purchase, and current stage of purchase.

Category Experience

Know what the customer’s experience with a product category, what their pain points are, and what would they change.


Understand where consumers are researching information, who do they speak with, and who they listen to.


Explore what individuals look for in this category and their trade-offs.

Customer Value

Know what weight or value do consumers place on brand, price, and features when selecting a given product.


What causes consumers to consider purchasing.


Determine what individuals’ value most by exploring rationale for their biggest pain points using emotional and functional attributes.


Understand the path customers use to reach you and ultimately purchase.


Understand what channels are preferred and the rationale for this preference (trust, non-invasiveness, ease, etc.)

Purchase Decision

Understand what they purchased and the drivers of that decision.

Website User Experience

Understand your target audience’s perceptions of your site navigation across a range of dimensions and optimize your website to create the best online experience.

Research Resources

Sometimes it’s helpful to understand what is possible, get ideas, or identify opportunities.

Sunseed’s research component resource is designed as a resource on your information gathering journey.