Consumers make thousands of decisions each day. It’s no surprise they often have a hard time explaining why they make the choices they do.

Differences between consumers’ reported behavior and their actual behavior can be a nightmare for business planning. Discrete choice and conjoint models work by simulating real-world consumer behavior.

Sunseed’s Choice-Based Research

Sunseed Research’s choice-based research designs recreate real-life scenarios, allowing consumers to better identify their likely choices. Sunseed mathematically derives the weight of the underlying components which impact conscious and subconscious consumer purchase decisions, preferences, and importance.

Additionally, Sunseed can help you understand how preferences shift across your customer segments, their demographics, and other key factors.

Market Research. Simplified.

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Industry-Leading Advanced Statistical Analysis

Business is full of complex decisions, producing patterns that are often difficult to interpret. Our expert research team has decades of experience analyzing and identifying the patterns in complex market data that can help businesses grow and compete in the marketplace.

Data Visualization Designed for Maximum Insights

Every research project is delivered by using stunning multi-dimensional data visualizations to communicate a visual story. In fact, visualizing information isn’t just a deliverable; it’s a critical step in our analytical process.

Anticipate and Direct

Secure Your Competitive Advantage

Prioritize Features

Determine must-have and unnecessary features

Optimize new designs

Illuminate the most appealing sets of features

Measure brand impact

Understand the impact of brand (yours, and your competitors) on product choice

optmize price

Choose the best price based on features, brand, and competition

Select Ideal Product Packaging

Evaluate various designs across customer segments for preference and differentiation

Optimize Messaging

Isolate the best performing promotions and messaging to use when marketing your product

Guide Strategy

with Sunseed’s Powerful Consumer Behavior Simulators

Sunseed’s online Consumer Behavior Simulators provide the ability to introduce optimized products into a market mix. By simulating competitive mixes, you have the power at your fingertips to predicted changes in demand and share preference – helping you secure a competitive advantage.

Bring your data to life.

Uncover your data story with Sunseed.

Every research project we deliver uses stunning multi-dimensional data visualizations to communicate a precise visual story. Indeed, visualizing information isn’t just a deliverable; it’s a critical step in our analytical process.

Sunseed Research transforms what you know about your customers and market. You will understand how far your brand can go, how the market perceives you and your competition, where the market is headed, who your customers are and their needs, the precise path for purchasing your product, and your product’s optimal configuration and price point.

Whether you want to boost sales, find more customers, or improve your customer experience, Sunseed Research will create the right strategy to find the information you need to maximize your results.

The Science of Business

When you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to do whatever it takes to make sure your market research is successful. From custom research design to ongoing best-practice guidance, we’re here to help.